We have been studying about Australia in 6th grade. As a class I had them research information about Australia and bring it to class. They were to print out pictures as well. These are some pictures from them working on them in class. You can find the country outlines here: this is where I printed the pictures from.


IMG_4103 IMG_4118 IMG_4106 IMG_4107 IMG_4116 IMG_4119



Today i just really liked my outfit… bright colors is my thing. I wanted to show my 6th graders a little love today…

IMG_4031 IMG_4034 (2) IMG_4030 (2)3

Aboriginal Dot Art

We are starting a new lesson reading the book Dr. Rabbit, which is based in Australia. Today I had students to watch a video on aboriginal dot art which is custom to Australia. I had a kangaroo cut out that they could paste anywhere. Some of them really took their time and it looks good.

IMG_3964 IMG_3963 IMG_3961 IMG_3955 IMG_3962