True Story: My Natural Hair Does NOT make me feel attractive

Let me start by saying I have always been “natural” I was born and raised in Southern California where a perm/relaxer was not necessary. I never did a big chop, but I did have heat damage from pressing and flat ironing my hair. I decided to stop putting heat on my hair and jump on the band-wagon of becoming a naturalista. Only thing these YouTubers didn’t tell me was 4 out of 3 times ( yes as a teacher I did that math correctly) your hair WILL NOT come out the way you expected it to. This is stressful for someone who doesn’t have an hour and a half in the mornings to retwist/wash/detangle/ blow-dry their hair in the morning.

I started to have doubts about my choice to go natural and started reflecting on my pressed hair days 5261_582807507759_1777223362_nHere was a wedding I attended with my hair flat ironed

I feel so attractive when my hair is pressed. There are days my hair doesn’t come out and I have cried because I was soooo frustrated with my hair. This whole “love the hair you were born with” blah blah blah, yes I get it. One should, yet I also believe do what makes you feel your best. Now as a black child of God my hair is so versatile, it can do many things. Now as a frugal educator, that comes at a price.  One does not have the money to buy a plethora of products hoping they work on their hair. *side eye*

All in all I enjoy when my hair does come out, ( which isn’t often) but I do not feel as attractive with my natural hair as do when it is pressed. Unfortunately, living in south Florida doesn’t help. The humidity won’t allow my hair to be great. So I just take every day as a gift that I have hair. IMG_0629                                                  Help my hair Lord. lol  Continue reading

Ms. Leopard Print Cupcake

I want to just take a few minutes and introduce myself. I am a 6th grade teacher in Southern Florida. This is my first full year teaching 6th grade. I came last year in January ( that was rough) I use to teach 1st grade in Ohio, but it was WAAAAAAAAY too  cold there. I really like my school and principal. It’s truly been a blessing coming here. I moved to Florida last August with no job. Just a little bit of faith. I took that leap and it paid off. Not without some struggles of course. I started subbing and the teachers I subbed for were impressed.. ” You’ve done this before haven’t you?”… yes… yes I have. When I left Ohio I was completely DONE with teaching… I didn’t want to see another child under the age of 25. . . apparently I was running like Jonah. I still ended up teaching. This is going to be an AWESOME YEAR!!!!

IMG_3787 IMG_3789 IMG_3790 IMG_3791