6th grade TEAM WORK!!!

Once again this first week of school I did a team building activity. Students were put into groups and were to build the tallest free standing structure using just tape and 7 balloons ( I gave them each an extra balloon just in case one popped… yes they could use the extra one in their structure). I gave them 20 minutes to accomplish this project as a team! This one was just as interesting as the spaghetti and marshmallow structure project.

Try it with your class. Lot’s of fun…

Oh also I had them moan in advance about their groups… if they decided to moan after I called out the groups they would have to sit out with THEIR HEAD DOWN ( bc they obviously can’t handle being in 6th grade)… and yes I had one to moan, and yes they sat out for the entire project.

Students need to learn early to show kindness to their classmates!

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6th Grade… I shall survive!

IMG_3622It’s the first week back to school, and also my first year teaching 6th grade from the beginning of the school year. This activity I did with my students we used:

1 Marshmallow (that had to be at the top)


1yrd of  masking tape-

1 yrd of yarn

The object of this project was… TEAM WORK!!!

They were suppose to build the tallest freestanding structure using those 4 materials in 18 minutes. I had to stand without falling ( which was the biggest challenge of course). I was really impressed by what they came up with.