Social Media & Depression

For a long time I have considered if being on social media has contributed to depression. You constantly see people living such a great life. Going to exotic places, getting married, having children… then there’s me. Just trying to make it through the week and my monthly pay check. Sure I should feel “successful” I’m a teacher, I mold young minds for the future  ( while losing my own mind). But why am I feeling so unfulfilled? What am I missing in life? Why do I feel like I can not quite catch my breath?

handling life

Whenever I see this picture It makes me laugh, because as an “Adult” this is how we view life sometimes. ahh…


IMG_4860 IMG_4858 20141031_095248 20141031_095201 20141031_095243As a teacher I often have to remember  WHY I got into the career that I did. To be a leader. Make a difference in the world. It can be extremely draining, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Remember God will not give you more then you can bare. Every trial is a testament of Gods will. Stay encouraged!

Australia Board Games

Since we were studying Australia ( and I needed a project for my first quarter) I had my students to create their own board game. Based off of the continent/country/island of Australia. They had to have rules, procedures, and pieces of their game. They had to present it to the class with how to play. Some were REALLY nice and creative.IMG_4647 IMG_4652 IMG_4635 IMG_4636 IMG_4637

These are some of my favorite board games they created!

IMG_4646 IMG_4650 IMG_4649 IMG_4651


We have been studying about Australia in 6th grade. As a class I had them research information about Australia and bring it to class. They were to print out pictures as well. These are some pictures from them working on them in class. You can find the country outlines here: this is where I printed the pictures from.


IMG_4103 IMG_4118 IMG_4106 IMG_4107 IMG_4116 IMG_4119

Aboriginal Dot Art

We are starting a new lesson reading the book Dr. Rabbit, which is based in Australia. Today I had students to watch a video on aboriginal dot art which is custom to Australia. I had a kangaroo cut out that they could paste anywhere. Some of them really took their time and it looks good.

IMG_3964 IMG_3963 IMG_3961 IMG_3955 IMG_3962